Build it Yourself

Platform “Porn”

If you like building things, if you love the smell of a hardware store, and you have a quirky passion for the Internet, you’re gonna dig the next big thing…

The Ning Blog gives an excellent and downright sexy explanation of platforms. These application components are right now being made available en masse to users like you and me–non-developers, with maybe enough know-how to be dangerous. Yahoo Pipes is a good example of the future of platform mash-ups, but this is only the tip of the iceberg the barest hint at the types and directions of growth rushing head-on:

  • semantic
  • commercial
  • communal

–a true cyber web of bartered cyber nuts and bolts that is hands down HOT! If the Food Network can have its food porn and real estate can have its sex appeal, then platform mash-ups are it for application and internet development.